Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3 Question Quiz - Are You Ready for Identity and Access Intelligence as a Service

Working with companies on identity and access intelligence (IAI) , I see organizations working through each stage of implementing identity and access policies, processes, and tools.

Some are managing separate silos of access for individual servers and applications, others are in deploying provisioning systems, and others have mature provisioning and directory infrastructures.

A common topic of discussion is when in the process can they start using identity and access intelligence as a service. Can a IAI service enable compliance even before they have implemented MS-AD or another directory product? Is a provisioning system a requirement? What if the access rights are full of problematic rights?

In response, I recently created a 3 part quiz to help companies measure their readiness for identity and access intelligence as a service. Although it is slightly tongue-in-cheek, here it is, enjoy:

Are You Ready for Identity and Access Intelligence as a Service?

1. User Access Review or Attestation – How Successful?
A) Managers do not review or attest to their staff's user access rights.
B) Some managers do review or attest, but many managers do not.
C) All managers review or attest but we continue to have findings.
D) We never have audit findings about “excessive access rights”.

2. Provisioning – How Automated?
A) A provisioning system? We provision applications separately.
B) We are 0-12 months into implementing a provisioning system.
C) We are 13-24 months into implementing a provisioning system.
D) We provision through a central system.

3. User Application Rights Management – How Centralized?
A) We have a directory. Actually, we have several.
B) We have a single directory but access is stored in applications .
C) New apps are directory enabled but legacy access is in applications.
D) Everything is directory enabled, even our legacy applications.

Scoring: Total as follows A = 1, B = 3, C = 4, and D = 6
0-7:     Its OK, many companies are just like you - ready for IAI.
8-13:   Good start. IAIwill speed up your efforts.
14-17: You're ahead of the industry. IAI can help you stay ahead.
18:      WHO ARE YOU? You must already have implemented IAI.

While the quiz is meant to be slightly humorous, I am interested to read what you think are the stages of identity and access management maturity. Feel free to add your thoughts in a comment.

View a 3 minute video demonstration of the Veriphyr service.

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