Tuesday, June 15, 2010

IT Compliance Remediation Spotlighted
in the “Top 5 Security Initiatives” List

Audit and compliance are in the spotlight according to security executives who participated in the 2010 global security survey conducted annually by Deloitte.(a)

“For the first time, information security compliance (internal /external audit) remediation is a top-five security initiative as organizations gear up for increased regulation and legislation.” – Deloitte 2010 .(a)

New Initiative Reflect Importance of Compliance
The new focus on IS compliance remediation demonstrates that IT audit findings are being increasingly heard (and the repercussions felt) broadly across the organization. Perhaps this is because the top audit findings in 2010 are essentially the same as those for the previous two surveys. (b,c) (For more on the top audit findings see our blog #1 Audit Finding is Excessive Access Rights".)

“The environment has moved from one of 'tell me you’re in control' of significant financial and non-financial risks to 'prove to me'.” – Deloitte 2010(a)

Compliance Drives the Other Top Initiatives.
Compliance also shows up as the #4 initiative- IS regulatory and legislative compliance. Moreover compliance is often a driving force behind the #1 and #2 initiatives - Identity and Access Management and Data Protection. All in all, it appears that 2010 will be year for building strong relationships between audit and IT.

Veriphyr Addresses Your Top Security Initiatives
Veriphyr identity and access intelligence service complements identity and access management by analyzing existing rights and activity data to find exceptions to IS regulatory and legislative compliance. Moreover, Veriphyr identity and access intelligence delivers actionable IS compliance remediation. And Veriphyr is an on-demand service so there is no software, no hardware, and no scripts or connectors to maintain.

To learn more about Veriphyr watch our 3 minute video.

(a) Deloitte 2010 Global Financial Services Security Survey
(b) Deloitte Sixth Annual Global Security Survey
(c) Deloitte 2007 Global Security Survey

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