Thursday, October 28, 2010

Correlating User Login IDs to Create Unified Identities for Employees and Contractors

Unifying user logons across distinct applications is essential to ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.

Moreover, unifying user logins it is a critical step in implementing identity and access management (IAM).

But mapping employees to their multiple application logon ids can be a significant challenge at many organizations.

"61% of respondents have limited or no knowledge of which systems or applications employees have access to" - October, 2010 survey (a)

The Challenge of Mapping Logons to Identity
Why is it so difficult when all applications can provide a list of logon ids used to access the application?

The problem appears to be the lack of a common user logon identifier and the variety of conventions used to create user logons.

Real Life Example
For example "Edward T Jones" could have logins such as "ejones", "jonese", "ned.t.jones", "njones", "edwjon", or "ejoones" all dependent on the naming convention (and misspelling) of some long gone application owner or administrator.

Existing software packages provide little or no help for mapping user logons to real identities. And why should they since companies do not want to buy and install software for a process they may only do once.

Identity and Access Intelligence Delivers Automated Mapping
Fortunately, there is an on-demand identity and access intelligence service that applies advanced analytics to automate identity correlation - the mapping of user logons to real identities.

The Veriphyr Identity and Access Intelligence service does all the tedious work of correlating disparate logon ids to employees and contractors. And since Veriphyr is a service, it takes care of the entire problem freeing you and your team to focus on more rewarding projects.

"64% are not completely confident they can prevent terminated employees from accessing one or more IT systems" - October, 2010 survey (a)

Veriphyr Service - Fast Effective Identity Correlation
The Veriphyr identity and access intelligence service uses data you already have. It takes data from any application, in any format, even if the data is incomplete, damaged or unorganized.

Since Veriphyr is an on-demand service you get rapid results. There is no time wasted installing hardware or software or developing connectors to existing applications.

Because Veriphyr is a pay-per-use service, there is no ongoing commitment – you pay only for what you need. And the cost is dramatically lower than purchased software or manual alternatives.

For more on the Veriphyr Identity and Access Intelligence Service watch this
3 minute video demonstration.

(a) Courion 2010 Access Assurance Survey

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