Saturday, November 20, 2010

Patient Data Lost More than Once a Year at 60% of Healthcare Organizations - Ponemon Institute Study

Healthcare organizations reported an average of 2.4 data breaches over the past 2 years according to a new study by the Ponemon Institute.

The resulting financial losses, including fines, legal fees, and loss of revenue, are estimated at approximately $2 million per organization.

Protectors of Health Information are Under Resourced
Of those responsible for preventing and detecting data breaches, 71% do not believe they have "sufficient resources to prevent or quickly detect patient data loss or theft."

For example, 28% of the organizations have no staff dedicated to managing data protection and another 35% have fewer than 2 staff dedicated to that effort.

Moreover, well under half the organizations feel they have sufficient technical expertise (42%) or access to appropriate technologies (37%) to effectively prevent or quickly detect the loss of patient data.

"Most likely reasons for data breach is inadequate budget for security and privacy" according to 51% of healthcare organizations." - Ponemon Institute, November 2010 (a)

Overcome the Challenge of Being Under Resourced
So how can healthcare organizations address user access to patient data despite being under resourced?

One approach is to use an on-demand identity and access intelligence service with a pay-per-use model since it is dramatically more cost effective than a traditional licensed software model that requires developing and maintaining specialized technology and technical expertise in-house.

Learn how Veriphyr Identity and Access Intelligence service effectively prevent or quickly detect patient data loss or theft.

(a) "Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy and Data Security" by Ponemon Institute released November 9, 2010 (registration required to download report)

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