Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Terminated Nurse Breaches Privacy Rule by Accessing Electronic Health Records (EHR) of Former Patients

Yet another terminated employee was caught accessing their former employer's sensitive data.

"Macon police are investigating a former employee of Coliseum Hospital accused of entering a secure area and accessing patient information" (a)

Investigators believe the former employee was at the hospital for a nurse’s birthday party when she logged into the hospital’s computers.

Privacy Software Does Not Know "Terminated"

Unfortunately traditional patient privacy audit ("snooping") software can not recognize terminated employees as inappropriate if the employee still has his or her access codes. This is because traditional "snooping" products have no ability to differentiate between a terminated employee and a regular employee.

Traditional privacy surveillance solutions would see access by a terminated employee as normal if the terminated employee was accessing patient records similar to those he or she dealt with while employeed.

It is not sufficient for privacy breach detection products to audit for inappropriate patient record activity. Protecting patient privacy requires solutions that understanding both activity and identity.

Fortunately there is a new breed of identity and access intelligence services that can identify terminated employees based on their on-line behavior, even if the employee's access rights were not completely turned off when they were terminated.

"the former employee, who still had her access code, entered a secured area and logged into the hospital’s computer records, allegedly accessing patient information." -, November 20, 2010 (a)

Learn how Veriphyr Identity and Access Intelligence service effectively prevents or quickly detect patient data loss or theft, even "snooping" by terminated employees.

(a) "Ex-Macon hospital worker accused of accessing patient information"

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