Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to Detect Insider Threats to Patient Data Privacy

Patient Data Breaches on the Rise
As you read our other blog entries, you'll notice a recurring theme – privacy and security breaches of patient information are on the rise. Unfortunately, this trend will only increase as health care entities and payers continue to adopt electronic health record technology. Can you reliably detect snooping of medical records without deploying new software or hardware and without creating additional work for your IT staff?
Veriphyr offers a solution to the problem of detecting unauthorized access to electronic protected health information (ePHI), wherever it resides, within medical records, systems, or applications.  For more information, see our medical records snooping factsheet.
Why Veriphyr
Veriphyr is the first service to detect enterprise user access vulnerabilities with a hosted, on-demand delivery model, not with site-deployed software or hardware.

When customers want a solution for user access review, the discussion eventually bogs down into a debate between vendors over competing technologies.  What the customer originally wanted – answers about who is accessing sensitive data – gets lost in the debate.

Veriphyr is about simplicity instead of complexity.  Veriphyr places technology issues in the background where they belong and returns the focus to what customers actually want – answers.

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