Thursday, March 24, 2011

Identity and Access Management Must Do More than Just "Control, It Must Also "Observe" and "Inform"

Gartner Group analyst Earl Perkins has a thoughtful blog discussing how Identity and Access Management (IAM) is about more than just "control". He points out that "observing" and "informing" are equally important if IAM is to successfully deliver value to the business.
"It is necessary to inform key stakeholders and participants in IAM on what exactly is happening, whether the purpose is to improve the IAM process itself, or to inform the business with key identity-indexed knowledge to make good decisions." - Earl Perkins, Research VP, Gartner Group
This is a critical point given the controversy stirred up by Gartner's UK conference regarding Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI). Many classic "control-oriented" IAM suite vendors argued that "control" is the be all and end all of IAM, that the "observe" and "inform" function of IAI were somehow illegitimate siblings.
"Control, observe, and inform. Keep these themes in mind when you’re striving to create an optimum IAM experience in your organization. That way you will be able to see the entire forest, rather than just the trees." - Earl Perkins, Research VP, Gartner Group
Earl nicely lays out the case that IAM and IAI are complements. That is what the industry needs to focus on, not choosing between IAM and IAI, but working to deliver both and enabling more successful IAM implementations.
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(a) IAM: To Control, Observe, and Inform - Earl Perkins, Gartner Group, March 2011

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