Monday, May 9, 2011

32 People Fired over Violation of HIPAA Patient Privacy Rule at Minneapolis Hospitals

32 employees at two Minneapolis hospitals were fired for violating the federal patient privacy rules. The employees are accused of snooping on the electronic medical records (EMR) of 12 patients who were treated for last March for an overdose of a designer drug named "2C-E".
"We take our obligation to protect patient privacy very seriously. Anything short of a zero tolerance approach to this issue would be inadequate." - David Kanihan, Allina Director of Marketing and Communications
The employees were discovered as part of an audit of who accessed high-profile patients' medical records. The hospital's investigation determined that the employees had no legitimate patient care reasons to look at the information.
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Allina Fires 32 Over HIPAA Violations - Fox Channel 9 News, 5/8/2011

(a) VIDEO - Allina Fires 32 Over HIPAA Violations Tied to Blaine 2C-E Overdose - Fox Channel 9 News, May 8, 2011
(b) Allina fires 32 employees over patient privacy - NBC KARE Channel 11 News, May 7, 2011

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