Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not Enough Health IT Professionals - Today & Tomorrow

Pay Rises for Healthcare IT Professionals as Demand Exceeds Supply

Healthcare information technology (IT) hiring and salaries are experiencing rapid growth. And future demand will outpace supply unless significant changes occur in the delivery of healthcare IT.

The average pay for healthcare IT job has increased about 7% since 2009 while other industries have seen no change or pay cuts, according to Alice Hill managing director at career site Dice.com.

Job openings will outstrip the supply of healthcare IT workers by 50,000 positions over the next five years. - U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services and Bureau of Labor Statistics
The key driver of healthcare IT job growth is the transformation of healthcare from paper-based records to electronic patient health information (ePHI), along with the associated patient Web portals and health information exchange (HIE) networks.
Total cash compensation, including bonuses, for healthcare IT staff increased at nearly double the raises of all other industries - InformationWeek 2011 U.S. IT salary Survey
The government hopes that new graduates and people crossing over from other industries will meet the demand. But industry experts say employers are seeking professionals with previous experience in healthcare.

With all the healthcare organizations that need help deploying electronic health records (EHR), the number of IT professionals with years of experience in healthcare is just too small.

What is your own experience? Are you seeing rising salaries and positions going unfilled? Feel free to share your thougths and experience in our comments.

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