Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gartner - "Identity & Access Intelligence Comes Into Its Own"

Gartner's Earl Perkins has an insightful posting today on the adoption of Identity and Access Intelligence in the enterprise. His thesis is that enterprises are moving to adopt a "formal security and IAM ‘intelligence’ practice" as a product or service.

He points out that "as larger and more sophisticated IAM shops evolved their practice, they realized that without having a continuous stream of intelligence available to them from the processes IAM was involved in, they would be unable to answer important questions regarding matters related to forensics (e.g. detecting and preventing fraud during the access process) or compliance (e.g. providing detailed reports on meeting regulatory requirements as required by government and policy)."
"The real value that IAM can provide to the business is in the intelligence it generates and owns about identity and access activities and events, not in the control it provides for access." - Earl Perkins, Gartner VP
He concludes that it "wasn't enough to store identities and attributes, or to log authentication events– some method and tool was also needed to make sense of what was happening, to understand through correlation and analysis of data from a number of different sources the true picture end to end of those activities in identity and access management that occur every day to get work done."

To read the entire blog click here.
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(a) IBM Buys Q1 Labs: Identity and Access Intelligence Comes Into Its Own - Gartner Blog, October 4, 2011

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