Thursday, November 17, 2011

Report: Government Insider Breaches on the Rise

A report conducted by Telus and the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management indicated that reported breaches of confidential information by Canadian federal and provincial insiders rose in 2011. The study found that forty-two per cent of breaches in government were perpetuated by insiders either misusing authorized access or violating access controls entirely.

Violations of access control by insiders are among the most difficult types of attack to detect. This is so because of the need to manually review mountains of log data and compare actual usage with authorized permissions to detect violations of policy. Worse, users may have accumulated unnecessary or obsolete rights as a result of job changes. The personnel who perform the analysis may not have the knowledge of what is legitimate business access and rely on business leaders for review. The result is lots of time spent chasing false positives – it’s no wonder that most businesses neglect this type of review.

Veriphyr Identity and Access Intelligence is a SaaS application that automates the review of user access activity with rights without the need to deploy hardware or software on-premises. We take uploads of raw, unfiltered, and unmapped exports of your directory rights, access control lists, and system and application activity logs to automatically correlate identities, rights, and activity to detect violations of access policy.

Veriphyr delivers reports on policy violations that are quickly and easily grasped by non-technical business leaders.

Visit Veriphyr to learn more. Other vendors deliver technology; Veriphyr delivers answers.


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