Friday, December 30, 2011

Insurance Privacy Breach Leads to Arson, Shootings

A former employee of Vancouver-based Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is being investigated in connection with shooting and arson incidents in the Vancouver area. According to the RCMP, the former employee is a woman who had worked for ICBC for 15 years. She is alleged to have accessed the information of people associated with the Justice Institute of British Columbia, whose homes were targeted for attack. A link between the employee and organized crime elements is under review.

Police made the connection to the Justice Institute in September 2011 and announced that 10 people had been victimized. That number has since grown to 13 and police are trying to determine if there have been other incidents.

It is believed that the woman accessed the personal information of 65 individuals. Further reports from CBC indicated the woman was fired in August 2011 for unspecified reasons. Because she was fired before the investigation linked her to the attacks, it’s not clear whether unauthorized access played a role in her departure. If her access were not properly terminated, she could have continued to disseminate personal information after her firing.

ICBC has taken unspecified measures to prevent similar privacy breaches in the future.
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