Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hospital Fined £18,000 Over Patient Privacy Breach

The breach involved the victims former partner, a health care assistant, who accessed his confidential medical files at the hospital. The hospital employee claimed she started improperly accessing the victim's files when he failed to come home one night and she checked the hospital system to see if he had been admitted to A&E
"No I'm not supposed to, but everybody does it." - Victim quoting his ex-partner about her breach of patient privacy
The victim had originally complained to the hospital in 2008 but was unhappy with the response. The health care assistant was only informally verbally disciplined, and that information was not released to the victim as it was stated to be confidential.

The court ruled: "The handling of the initial complaint and the conduct of the subsequent litigation have been far from satisfactory."

In response the victim began legal proceedings in April 2009 which, after several years, led to the fine, which was awarded under the Data Protection Act 1998.
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(a) Man's £18k payout after ex-girlfriend viewed his medical records - This is Plymouth, 1/28/2012

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