Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hospital Worker Violates Medical Privacy of Ex-Husband

A hospital employee in Liverpool England was fined for unlawfully accessing the medical records of five members of her ex-husband's family.

The hospital launched an investigation after the defendant's former father-in-law complained about receiving nuisance calls which he suspected had been made by defendent.
"Unlawfully obtaining other people's information for personal gain is a serious offence which can have potentially devastating effects." - Steve Eckersley, head of enforcement at the Information Commissioner's Office.
After inquiries by the ex-husband's family the hospital checked audit trails linked to the defendant's smartcard ID. Analysis of the logs revealed that all of the patients whose details had been compromised were not at any time under the medical care of the defendant and that she had no work related reasons to access their records.
Other hospitals are taking a more proactive approach to detecting employee violations of patient privacy. Download a patient privacy white paper to learn more.
(a) Liverpool hospital employee fined for data breach - The Guardian, 1/12/2012

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