Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Clerk Breaches Patient Privacy for 6 Years

For over 6 years a healthcare organization and its half million patients were victims of privacy breaches by a clerk who booked appointments.

The clerk began "snooping" on electronic medical records in 2005 and continued to snoop until the fall of 2011 when hospital staff suspicions led to a formal investigation in October.
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The initial investigation found 15 patients whose privacy was violated and an audit of all the clerk's transactions found all 120 patient who were victimized.
We are extremely disappointed that these breaches occurred. We remain confident in the ethical practices of employees. With rare exception, our confidence is rewarded,” - Hospital spokeperson
The clerk was on leave when the initial breaches were identified and left the hospital in January before the rest of the breaches were discovered.

The hospital could not confirm whether the employee was fired, but said it reserves the right to terminate employees when privacy breaches occur.

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(a) Nova Scotia health board reports privacy breach involving 120 people - The Globe and Mail,2/14/2012

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