Sunday, March 4, 2012

Utility Employees Abused Access Rights to Adjust Own Bills

Five call-center workers at a Pacific Northwest utility company have been fired for accessing their own accounts. One of the fired employees was a supervisor and a sixth employee was disciplined.

One of the utilities employees, with 29 years on the job, repeatedly adjusting her utility bill. Between 2002 and 2010 she had made 71 adjustments to her account, including many that deferred payment and avoided credit and shut-off action.
"I worked almost 30 years. I was a good employee. I messed up without knowing it was that serious." - Employee who abused access
The employees acknowledged knowing they shouldn't be fixing their own utility bills, but thought they would not be caught. The utility is examining data going back 10 years and said it would discipline all employees who inappropriately accessed accounts or adjusted their own bills.
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(a) Ex-city worker fined $1,500 for adjusting her utility bills 71 times - The Seattle Times, 3/1/2012

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