Sunday, March 4, 2012

Utility Engineer Commits $1 Million Insider Theft

A civil engineer at a Pacific Northwest utility initially commited the crime of accessing his own residential account and that of a rental property to show payment when none had actually been made.

He did this by abusing his legitimate computer accesses that was required for his job of researching and issuing water-availability certifications to property owners and developers,

Then he moved on to a $1 million dollar insider crime that only came to light when a developer contacted the engineer's manager to ask about the crediting of a previous deposit and provided a copy of the check. The manager could find no record of the check ever being deposited with the city.

The police determined that all the checks had been deposited in his account and not the utilities bank account. Like many other insider thieves the engineering began his career when the intial crime of user access abuse went undetected. Then embolden by getting away with his initial crime he committed additional crimes.
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(a) Former city employee arrested in $1 million theft from Seattle Public Utilities - The Seattle Times, 3/1/2012

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