Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Report - Demand for Healthcare IT Staff Exceeds Supply

Demand significantly exceed supply in the market for healthcare information technology professionals. This is driving the shift toward outsourcing compliance and privacy to cloud services. The most recent evidence comes from a study in Texas done by the Department of Health Information Management at Texas State University-San Marcos.
"Texas will need an additional 10,000 health IT workers by 2013 to meet its goal of implementing and effectively using electronic health records (EHRs) at hospital and provider settings." - Dept of Health Info Mgmt at Texas State University-San Marcos.
Previous Texas government had estimated the state needed 3,500 new health IT workers by 2015 but this new report discovered that Texas had dramatically underestimated the requirement for health IT workers. It would not be surprising to find that other states had also underestimated their staffing requirements.
"I was stunned. What happens today when you can't find the trained person you are seeking? ... Some may do without, which is very concerning when you start considering some of the potential adverse unintended consequences if health IT is not implemented correctly." - Susan Fenton, Texas HIT workforce project director, health information management, at Texas State University
The report authors say demand for health IT workers is growing due to US government's HITECH incentives intended to increase the adoption of health technology. Since the technology must be deployed quickly, the demand for qualified IT staff has grown just as quickly.
Download a white paper on meeting governmental requirements for patient privacy - with no hardware and no on-site software.
(a) Texas Needs 10,000 Health IT Pros - InformationWeek Healthcare, 4/9/2012

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