Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Trend - Plaintiffs Lawyers Suing Hospitals for Data Privacy Breaches

Plaintiffs' lawyers think they have found a profitable new line of business - data privacy breach suits against hospitals, medical services providers and health insurance companies.

The suits are driven by stricter patient data privacy laws where fines start at $1,000-per-instance and can run up to $250,000 per violation if the disclosure is done willfully or negligently.

Moreover, plaintiffs' lawyers who specialize in other types of consumer actions are interested because recent pro-business court decisions make non-healthcare suits less attractive.
"The privacy data breach area offers some new opportunities to expand the types of cases that we're handling." - Eric Grover, lawyer known for employment and nonhealth-related consumer protection cases
The health care industry views these lawsuits as a serious risk. One lawyer claimed that McKesson Corp. unsuccessfully lobbied Sacramento legislators to remove the $1,000 damages clause from the California's Confidentiality of Medical Information (CMIA) Act of 1981.
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(a) Health Data Breaches Offer New Vein for Plaintiffs Lawyers to Tap - The Recorder, 4/5/2012

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