Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nurse Arraigned for Identity Theft Using Patient Records

A registered nurse was arraigned in Nassau County, New Jersey for identity theft, and possessing stolen information both a local hospital and an international freight company.

The hospital admits confidential records with critical information from approximately 100 patients were stolen, not once, but twice over several months in the past year.
"They told me there was a fraudulent return, that the person worked at [the hospital] and had my social security number." - Victim in Flushing, Queens
One Victim had $11,000 Tax Refund Stolen
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(a) Nurse arriagned for ID theft - WABC, April, 13, 2012
(b) North Shore-LIJ Notifies Patients of Identity Theft - North Shore-LIJ , April, 12, 2012

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