Thursday, November 8, 2012

$1 Million Settlement for Privacy Violation by Police

A woman has been awarded over one million dollars by the Minneapolis City Council and other municipalities. The settlement was in response to an invasion of data privacy suits over police using police computer systems to inappropriately access the woman's driver license records

Thus far she settled for $392,000 with the Minneapolis City Council, $385,000 from the city of St. Paul, Minnesot, and $280,000 from several other cities. In total, the settlements have reached $1,057,000.

That total dollar figure is expected to grow even larger as a result of additional lawsuits the woman filed with the state of Minnesota.
"The city’s liability could have been upwards of $565,000 because the statute provides $2,500 to be assessed per each unlawful look-up of the database, and we had 226 look-ups." - St. Paul City Attorney Sara Grewing
The woman, a former police officer with the St. Paul Police Department, discovered officers were abusing the police database to look her up when a colleague told her he and his partner had view her driver’s license photo using their squad car computer.

An investigation revealed that 104 officers in 18 different agencies across the state had accessed her driver’s license record 425 times
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(a) Female Cop Gets $1 Million After Colleagues Trolled Database to Peek at Her Pic - Wired Magazine, November 5, 2012

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