Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Auditor: Inappropriate Access to EHR System

During an EHR implementation, a healthcare facility provided IT staff and contractors with broad access to the system so they could provide assistance to new users. As a result, the auditor said there was an increased risk of accidental changes and fraud, as well as possible noncompliance with the [HIPAA] Security Rule.
"did not limit access to those persons that had a strict business need, resulting in approximately 350 active user IDs with access to change data in multiple functions. " Louisiana State Legislative Auditor
The auditor recommended that the center:
  1. separate EHR duties and access for IT staff and contractors;
  2. closely control and monitor administrative access to the EHR system;
  3. create or modify EHR policies; and
  4. strengthen restrictions on access to patient and confidential information.

The facility agreed with the findings and recommendations and is developing the necessary policies and procedures.
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