Monday, March 11, 2013

Healthcare IT Staff Scarce; Service Providers Can Fill Gap

"The war for talent is on," said Steven Bennett of Kirby Partners, a health IT recruiting firm. Bennett and his co-presenter, Timothy Stettheimer,Regional CIO, Ascension Health, presented survey findings at HIMMS 2013.

The survey, conducted specifically for the conference, included responses from 800 health IT professionals, including chief information officers, manager/directors and staff "without people-management responsibilities."

"'IT is critical to every single initiative at our institution' said one CIO, but 'We don't have the people to get things done,' said another."
- Timothy Stettheimer, Regional CIO, Ascension Health
"When asked if they would be open to new opportunities in the next 12 to 18 months, the survey found that 26% of the manager/directors said they were happy were they were, 48% said they were "keeping an eye open" for new opportunities, and 26% were actively seeking a new job. Of nonpersonnel-management staff, 36% said they were happy with their current job, but 42% were keeping an eye open and 22% were actively looking for greener pastures."

Such difficulties in finding quality healthcare IT staff has lead to the rise of various services that fulfill the needs of the business side of an organization without requiring more IT staff.

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(a) Recruiter Describes 'war for talent' - Modern Healthcare, 03/07/2013

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