Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blood Donor ID Tax Fraud

Some donors gave more than blood when they visited BioMat USA. Bridgette Williams, of their employees, has pleaded guilty to stealing the donors' identities which were then used to file fraudulent tax returns by co-conspirators.

The identities of more than 130 people were stolen and almost $200,000 in tax returns were filed; the IRS issued $23,879 in fraudulent returns.

"Williams admitted she delivered 86 identities — including names, birthdays and social security numbers — to a conspirator in exchange for $400."
- The Telegraph, Middle Georgia's News Source
This type of incident reminds us how valuable identity information is to tax fraud thieves and why such information must be protected from inappropriate use.
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(a) Macon Woman Pleads Guilty to Stealing Blood Plasma Donor's Identity Information for Tax Fraud Scheme -, 04/23/2013
(b) Macon Woman Pleads Guilty in Blood Donor ID Fraud Scheme - Telegraph, 04/23/2013

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