Friday, April 19, 2013

Employee, responsible for privacy training, charged with license breach of 5000

A former Minnesota Department of Natural Resources employee has been charged with six counts of unauthorized computer and data access, as well as public employee misconduct.

John Hunt allegedly inappropriately accessed driver's license records of 5,000 people, many of whom were women in the public eye, over a five year period. He kept a file called "Mug Shots" on his work computer -- it held 170 womens' driver's license photos.

"What makes this case particularly egregious is that Hunt was also a data practices designee, responsible for making sure new employees were familiar with the laws and rules concerning access to driver's license records."
- Mike Durkin, reporter, MyFoxTwinCitiesNews
Of note is that Hunt was designated as the person to train others on maintaining the privacy of the driver's license database information. He had the authority to access the database, but abused his access privileges.

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(a) Charges Filed Against Minnesota DNR Worker in License Data Breach -, 02/08/2013

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