Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Love Triangle ID Theft, Police Chief Arrested

The Stockton Illinois Chief of Police, Robert Beeter, was arrested and charged with identity theft that occurred when he was deputy chief of the Elgin Illinois Police Department. The charges stem from an extra-marital affair that involved Beeter and two other Elgin officers, who eventually divorced.

During divorce proceedings information, thought to be confidential, was disclosed. The party whose private information was revealed asked the state attorney general and the Elgin police to investigate Beeter. The investigation uncovered Beeter's inappropriate access of police data systems.

"Beeter used the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System to gain information on a specific individual for his personal use." - WTVO Channel 17 News
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(a) Stockton Police Chief Arrested for Identity Theft Stemming from Love Triangle -, 05/22/2013

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