Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pharmacists Adequately Protecting Patient Privacy?

An excellent review by Melinda C. Joyce, about steps pharmacy departments can take to protect patient privacy, was published on the American Pharmacists Association website.

Dr. Joyce first traces the history of HIPAA compliance and how it has become incorporated into pharmacy practice since the act's beginning in 1996.

"Conducting patient privacy checks may help monitor what’s happening in the pharmacy and identify potential issues. Review pharmacy staff members’ electronic access and ensure that it’s appropriate."
- Melinda C. Joyce, PharmD, FAPhA, FACHE Pharmacy Today Health-System Editor, Vice President, Corporate Support Services, Medical Center Bowling Green, KY
She highlights the importance not only of limiting access to patient data but that "managers and department directors must keep close tabs on who has what access." Dr. Joyce reminds readers that "over time, people, jobs, and functions can change, and to make sure that access changes as well."

Following Dr. Joyce's recommendations of access compliance and attestation as well as breach detection will contribute to pharmacy departments' protecting patient privacy. Such recommendations are now easier to accomplish with low-cost on-demand SaaS services.

Download a white paper on patient privacy breach detection. Learn how to proactively identify unauthorized breaches of patient data privacy, even by authorized users - with no hardware and no on-site software.
(a) Patient Privacy and Sleepless Nights -, 05/01/2013

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