Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Clinicians Who Snooped on Jesse Ryder Await Fate

Four clinicians, who snooped in Jesse Ryder's hospital records while he was treated for injuries sustained during an attack, are awaiting disciplinary action next week.

None of these people had a role in Ryder's care, thus accessing his medical records is inappropriate according to New Zealand privacy laws.

"New Zealand District health boards have dealt with 20 privacy breaches already this year, according to data released under the Official Information Act. As a consequence, some of those staff - including nurses and doctors - were dismissed.." "
- Fairfax New Zealand Media
Unfortunately this hasn't been the only medical records privacy breach in New Zealand this year. There have been 20 breaches; staff were disciplined with actions ranging from written warnings to dismissal.
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(a) Nosy clinicians await fate, 07/03/2013

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