Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ID Theft: #1 FTC Complaint

For 13the consecutive year identity theft is the number 1 consumer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, (FTC), with a 32% increase over 2011.

Of 2012 complaints, 46.4% involved government documents or benefits fraud. As to state rankings, Florida is first (72%), followed by Georgia (66%), and Mississipi(58%).

" Identity theft complaints continue to rank number one in the Federal Trade Commission's list of complaints, with a 32% increase over 2011." - Identity Theft Resource Center
According to CEO Eva Casey Velasquez "The Identity Theft Resource Center has also seen a growth in this type of identity theft crime as well. These types of cases very often involve the use of Social Security numbers making them more complex than other types of identity theft."
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(a) Identity Theft is #1 Complaint Again...13 Years in a Row - 03/21/2013

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