Friday, July 19, 2013

Patient ID Thefts Fund Disney Trip

A Staten Island couple, Amanda Zieminski, and her fiance Clyde Forteau, stole the IDs of 80 elderly patients and blew about $675,000 on vacations, courtside sports seats, and jewelry — but they left a trail of evidence on social media that led to their arrests.

Zieminski,before she was canned in 2012 for inflating her work hours,worked as a nurse at South Shore Physicians in Staten Island. She stole patients' personal information and passed it on to Forteau who filed fraudulent tax returns and the victims Social Security payments sent to his bank account.

"Zieminksi and Forteau are accused of stealing the Social Security numbers and credit card information of more than 80 elderly patients from a Staten Island medical center where Zieminski once worked."
- Staten Island police
Police identified Zieminski and Forteau after a year-long investigation; a Google search revealed photos of their purchases and vacations, including their engagement trip to Disney World, posted on the couple's public Facebook accounts, which matched items charged to stolen credit card accounts.
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(a) Couple Got Engaged at Disney Using Cash Scammed From Seniors - ABC News, 07/19/2013

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