Monday, July 15, 2013

Hospital Workers Lose Jobs for Breaching Kardashian Privacy?

The six fired for breaching patient records at Cedars-Sinai included four employees of physicians who have have staff privileges at the hospital, one was a Cedars-Sinai medical assistant, and one was an unpaid student researcher.

Five of the workers inappropriately accessed a single patient record; the other looked at 14. People with privileges should only access records of patients under their care so these activities were in violation of hospital policy.

Some speculate that Ms Kardashian's medical records, who delivered a baby at the hospital on June 15, were breached, but other than to say all breached patients had been notified, the hospital declined comment.

"Cedars-Sinai officials say that 14 patient medical records were 'inappropriately accessed' between June 18 and June 24."
- Los Angeles Times
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(a) Six people fired from Cedars-Sinai over patient privacy breaches - LA Times, 07/12/2013

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