Thursday, August 8, 2013

Law Enforcement Database Privacy Breach?

The results of a Metro Police Office of Professional Accountability investigation into whether a Franklin Tennessee Police employee illegally accessed a law-enforcement database will released soon.

Allegedly, a police employee used a law-enforcement database to obtain information on one of Police Chief David Rahinsky's family members.

"The report “may relate to personal, protected information of employees and/or their family members.”." - Lt. Charles Warner, Police Spokesman
Unfortunately this is not the first time inappropriate access to a law enforcement database has occurred. Law enforcement organizations can now utilize low-cost on-demand SaaS analytics to proactively detect data breaches, even by authorized users.
Download a white paper on data privacy breach detection. Learn how to proactively identify unauthorized breaches of data privacy, even by authorized users - with no hardware and no on-site software.
(a) Franklin Police work through Metro report on possible law enforcement data breach - The Tennessean, 08/02/2013

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