Friday, November 15, 2013

ACC Study: Compliance Moving Out of General Counsel Office

A number of companies are separating the chief compliance officer from the general counsel's office, according to a study co-sponsored by the Association of Corporate Counsel.

The survey found 39 percent of respondents report to the chief executive officer, while 36 percent report to the general counsel. Many experts disagree on separating the GC from the compliance function. In your organization, to whom does the compliance officer report to? Do you think that should change?

"There is still a significant number of CCOs who do report to general counsel. But what I hear from members is more and more they are making compliance a separate function."
- James Merklinger, ACC’s vice president and GC
To assist companies with tight compliance budgets the ACC has created a compliance portal with webinars, videos and presentations. Tight budgets can also benefit from low-cost on-demand SaaS analytics to deliver insights about compliance issues.
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(a) ACC Study Sees Compliance Moving Out of the GC's Office -,10/15/2013

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