Saturday, December 28, 2013

Health IT: Most Got Raises in 2013

Most health IT professionals received raises in 2013, with larger ones going to executive management than to department heads and staff, according to a compensation study by the Healthcare Information and Management Society (HIMSS).

% Average salary of respondents was $113,269 (median, $95,000). While 72% reported a raise, only 46.8% got a bonus; median bonus was 3.5% of the their annual salary.

"Male respondents reported average raises of 4.75%, boosting their average salary to $130,800. Women—who represented 56% of the respondents—reported average raises of 3.71% and an average salary of $99,523.."
- HIMSS 2013 Compensation Survey
Respondents in the Mid-Atlantic states had the highest average salary ($127,549) while those in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee were lowest ($95,243).
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(a) Most HIT professionals got raises in past year, HIMSS survey shows -, 12/26/2013

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