Friday, January 24, 2014

ID Theft by Medical Billing Clerk

Is a background in law enforcement necessary to prevent being a victim of ID theft? It certainly helped Paul Vick, a former FBI agent and Wichita detective.

Vick manages finances for his father, a long-term care facility resident. When the bank notified Vick about possible fraudulent charges using his father's identity the son started investigating. Vick determined that a Tiandra Crawford, a medical billing clerk for a pharmacy services company, stole the father's credit card information.

Though not responsible for the bogus charges "This was not a victimless crime. The merchants in this time of economic uncertainty are taking a loss for people stealing from peoples' identities and also their credit card information."
- Paul Vick, victim of identity theft
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(a) Wichita man believes identity thief was medical billing employee -, 12/18/2013

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