Monday, January 27, 2014

Massive Patient Data Breach in Canada

The private health data on 620,000 Canadians has been breached and reportedly the breach was undisclosed for four months. The information included patient names, dates of birth, health card numbers, medical diagnoses and billing codes.

The Alberta Canada Health Minister, Fred Horne, has called for a formal investigation under the Health Information Act; the Privacy Commissioner Jill Clayton has launched an investigation.

"Privacy of patient records in Alberta must be paramount...the 620,000 Albertans impacted by the events of last fall should have been immediately informed that their personal information had been put at risk."
- Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne
Horne stated "the privacy of patient records in Alberta must be paramount" and privacy experts agree patients must know that their data will be protected or they'll be reluctant to share it with healthcare organizations.
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(a) Group in hot water over massive breach -,01/24/2014

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