Monday, February 10, 2014

UK Accident Victims' Data Theft

A UK constable, Sugra Hanif, and her lover Raza Khan, were convicted of conspiring to steal thousands of accident victims' information from police computers and then sell the information to solicitors' firms. A third defendant, Raza's wife, Paramjeet Kaur, faced the same charges but the jury has failed to reach a verdict in her case; prosecutors are considering a retrial.

The conspiracy, which began in January 2011, may have netted more than £1 million. The defendants set up a case management company to sell the accident victims' information that Hanif stole from police computers.

"All three of them have been involved in a conspiracy to obtain confidential police information." - Peter Asteris, Crown Prosecutor Service, United Kingdom
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(a) No Verdict on Data Theft Accused -, 02/03/2014

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