Monday, June 9, 2014

Drugstore Employee Stole Patient Identities

A Georgia employee of a national drugstore chain stole patient identities in March and April 2014, according to a notification letter sent to the Maryland's State Attorney General.

The stolen information, such as names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers, were given by the employee to a third party. The drugstore chain is notifying patients, setting up a hotline and providing a free year of credit monitoring.

" employee may have stolen certain certain personal information for some of our patients and provided that information to a third party."
- Drugstore chain's letter to Maryland State Attorney General
It is unclear how the identity thefts were discovered. Healthcare organizations seeking proactive identity theft detection can utilize low-cost on-demand SaaS analytics services.
Download a white paper on patient privacy breach detection. Learn how to proactively identify unauthorized breaches of patient data privacy, even by authorized users - with no hardware and no on-site software.
(a) Re: Information Security Incident Notification - www.OAG.State.MD.US, 05/27/2014

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