Wednesday, July 23, 2014

$190M settlement by hospital for privacy and misconduct violations

A Baltimore medical center has agreed to a $190 million settlement with about 8,000 patients of gynecologist Nikita Levy who claim he secretly recorded their genitals during pelvic exams using a tiny camera concealed in a pen or key fob.
"[We have] redoubled our efforts to uphold the highest standards of patient privacy."
- Medical center spokeswoman regarding $190M settlement
The settlement amount is one of the largest on record involving sexual misconduct by a physician. The medical center might have settled to avoid more liability, said Tom Baker, a professor of law and health sciences at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. "You don't pay $200 million unless you thought you had a risk of losing quite a bit more than that," he said.
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(a) Hopkins Agrees to Pay $190 Million to Settle Levy Claims -, 07/21/2014

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