Thursday, January 8, 2015

Judge Disciplined for Breaching Privacy

A judge has been disciplined for abusing his access to confidential files. The Judicial Yuan's Judge Evaluation Committee (JEC) in Taiwan ruled the judge had infringed on the privacy of a person he was suing.

Three years ago the judge was involved in a motor vehicle accident and he accessed the judiciary database 17 times to find information about the other driver, including his ID number and records of prior brushes with the law. The JEC ordered the judge's salary be docked for three months and the case be referred to Taiwan's top watchdog agency which has the authority to impeach civil servants.

"[The judge] abused his position to infringe on someone’s privacy by conducting searches into confidential judiciary files." - Judge Evaluation Committee
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(a) Judge disciplined for use of position to breach privacy -,2014 12/28/

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