Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Employee Accused of Stealing Military Aerospace Data

A former engineer of an aerospace company has been accused of stealing sensitive proprietary military aircraft data so that he could take the information to China, in violation of US export controls.

He had worked on various fighter jet engines until May 2014, according to court documents. At a recent hearing the judge denied pre-trial bail saying the engineer was a flight risk.

"[The engineer is] accused of stealing sensitive proprietary military aircraft information and unlawfully attempting to take that information to China."
- Court documents
It seems these insider data thefts were discovered by US Customs, not his aerospace employer. Organizations seeking to proactively detect intellectual property theft can utilize low-cost on-demand SaaS analytics services.
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(a) Ex-Pratt & Whitney Engineer Denied Bail In Data Theft Suit - www.Law360.com, 03/09/2015

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