Friday, March 20, 2015

Nurse Accused of Stealing Colleagues' IDs

A Texas nurse has been accused of stealing the identities from dozens of fellow hospital workers and possibly of patients.

She has been arrested for credit card abuse for allegedly stealing personal information (PII) and using it to open credit cards in other people's names. As a nurse who worked in hospitals as well as in home healthcare she had access not only to employee information but patient information as well.

"She's a nurse and she has access to not only employee information but patient information, as well."
- Lakeview police
Unfortunately, as is too often the case, a victim discovered the identity thefts. Organizations seeking to proactively detect identity thefts and privacy data breaches can utilize low-cost on-demand SaaS analytics services.
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(a) A nurse from the Houston area is in jail after being accused of stealing the identities of dozens of people -, 03/09/2015

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