Monday, June 1, 2015

Sheriff's Office Employee Stole IDs for Tax Fraud Scheme

A Mississippi sheriff's Office lieutenant stole inmate (PII) so that accomplices could file fraudulent tax returns with the stolen identities. She stole Social Security numbers and names by misusing her access to the jail database.

Refunds from the fraudulent returns, filed from May 2011 until December 2012, were sent to a post office box in Louisiana. Other co-conspirators were named in the indictment.

" used her position as a lieutenant at a county detention center to access the jail Management System and steal names and Social Security numbers of inmates and other individuals."
- Department of Justice document
It is unclear how the identity thefts were discovered or why they were allowed to occur for over a year. Organizations seeking to proactively detect identity thefts and privacy data breaches can utilize low-cost on-demand SaaS analytics services.
(a) Mississippi sheriff’s office employee indicted for using stolen identities to file fraudulent tax returns sent to Louisiana post office boxes in Tallulah, La. -, 05/29/2015

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