Thursday, July 23, 2015

Disgruntled Employee Leaked Personal Data about 100,000 Colleagues

An employee of a UK supermarket leaked sensitive personal information about 100,000 colleagues because he held a grudge against the company. Data containing information including salaries, National Insurance numbers, dates of birth and bank account details were sent to newspapers and also uploaded to data sharing websites.

The now former employee was charged with fraud by abuse of position, unauthorised access to data with the intent of committing an offence and disclosing personal data. The data breach cost the company more than £2m to rectify, according to court documents.

"The data breach cost the company more than £2m to rectify."
- Court documents
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(a) Morrisons employee accused of leaking data on 100,000 supermarket staff because he bore a "grudge" against company -, 07/14/2015

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