Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Policeman Fired for Privacy Beach of Colleague's Records

A policeman has been fired for gross misconduct. Without permission he accessed a colleague's computerized application for a job promotion and disclosed the information to another officer who was applying for the promotion.

The officer's misconduct hearing found he "lacked honesty, integrity and confidentiality, which are fundamental values that police officers need to portray in order to maintain public confidence."

"This was a deliberate and flagrant breach of honesty and integrity, and a significant breach in his colleagues’ confidence and trust."
- Police hearing panel
It is unclear how the privacy breach was discovered. Organizations seeking to proactively detect data privacy breaches and identity thefts can utilize SaaS analytics services.
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(a) Police officer dismissed for gross misconduct - www.SuffolkFreePress.co.uk, 09/15/2015

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